Wand Cat Toy

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Product: Wand Cat Toy
Retailer: The Cat Farm

Wand Cat Toy Green Felt Nautical Star with Feathers and Knotted Jute Rope

A green nautical star decorates this wand cat toy. The star is handmade from dark green and lime green felt. To keep the colors together, the design is reversed on one side of the star. You'll see this in the photographs. The dark green appears on the right side of each point on one side, and the left side of each point on the other side.

Suspended below the star are some feathers and knotted jute. Lime green and black feathers and black ribbon are sewn into a green fleece tube. A little jingle bell is sewn in as well. I knotted some jute rope, left several inches of loose ends, and tied this into the ribbon. The dowel is notched slightly at the end to prevent the ribbon from sliding off.