Wald Quick Release Basket

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Product: Wald Quick Release Basket
Retailer: Amazon
Color: Black
brand: Wald

Wald 933 Front Mesh Quick Release Bicycle Basket

Similar in size to our traditional 133 and 3133 baskets, the new 933 mesh basket provides secure transportation for the smallest cargo. An improved contoured handle provides a comfortable grip and retains the same quick-release use provided by the originals. The 933 also uses the same holder as our popular 3133 model, and is now easier to install thanks to the addition of stake nuts to the handlebar clamps.

  • Finely woven mesh, excellent for carrying even the smallest items
  • Contoured handle grip for ease and comfort
  • Patented stationary holder includes stabilizing brace for cargo stability
  • Mounting system allows for clearance for most brakes and shifters

Currently unavailable.