Wabi 1 Wallpaper

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Product: Wabi 1 Wallpaper
Retailer: 2Modern
brand: Calico

Calico Wallpaper is dedicated to the artisanal process of paper marbling, creating some of the most exquisite, ethereal, and large scale landscape murals that add intrigue and luxuriance to both commercial and residential spaces.

Wabi 1 Wallpaper finds its origins in the landscapes of the ancient east, conjuring the feel of water flowing over pebbles. This wallpaper is a non-repeating landscape mural so we recommend having a skilled wallpaper installer for best results.

  • Materials: Sylver Mylar Type II.
  • Specifications: Sold by the square foot, up to 30 feet by 40 feet without a repeat in pattern.
  • SKU: WI
  • Catalog ID: 86808

Price is per 10 sq. ft.