Vipp 441 Laundry Basket

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Product: Vipp 441 Laundry Basket
Retailer: Connox
Designer: Holger Nielsen
brand: Vipp

The Clothes Basket should not only be functional, but also esthetic and of high quality. Exactly those three characters combine the Clothes Basket Vipp 441. He was inspired by the classic Vipp pedal bin.

The Vipp Clothes Basket was designed by Vipp Design Lab in Copenhagen. Inspiration was the classic Vipp Pedal Bin, which was designed in 1939 by Holger Nielsen.

“We have the vision, to create a clothes basket, which combines functionality and esthetic. A clothes basket, which doesn’t fit to the other Vipp products because of its design, but also fulfils its use. With its clear lines and the soft details, the clothes basket can stand like a piece of furniture in the bath- or bedroom”, explains principle designer Morten Bo Jensen of Vipp Design Lab.

The Vipp clothes basket is made of white or black painted steel or rubber. It has soft, curved shaped, which are abuted on the Vipp pedal bins. The top is made of polished stainless steel and has holes for the air circulation.

The clothes basket has a two-pieced inside bag, in which you can collate your clothes. The inside bag can be taken out, so that the dirty clothes can be carried to the wash mashine whitout problems.

Because of the hidden rubber rolls the Vipp 441 clothes basket can directly be rolled or simply change its position.

  • Capacity: 75 litre. two-pieced inside bag
  • Material     stainless steel
  • Dimensions     Height: 69 cm, Diameter: 39 cm
  • Weight     9 kg (without packaging)
  • Item no.     112810
  • EAN     5705953002068