Vipp 15 Waste Bin

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Product: Vipp 15 Waste Bin
Color: Black, Silver, White
Retailer: Lumens
brand: Vipp

The Vipp 15 Bin is a design classic that will never go out of style: Designed in 1939 and still made in Denmark, Vipp pedal bins are made from Stainless Steel and rubber. The only difference compared to the original version is the lid. The lid was originally made of chromium-plated steel with a wavy look. However, in the late 1940s it became possible to draw metal, since when the lid has been manufactured in stainless steel, giving the bin the domed, smooth design we know today. Each Vipp bin consists of up to 42 components and is hand-assembled by skilled craftsmen. One employee can assemble six bins per hour – insuring quality that lasts.

Vipp, founded in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Holger Nielsen, designs and manufactures modern pedal bins and household accessories based on Nielsen’s classic 1939 wastebin design for salons and doctor offices.