Vipp 13 Trash Bin

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Product: Vipp 13 Trash Bin
Color: Black, Gray, White
Designer: Holger Nielsen
brand: Vipp
The Vipp story begins in 1939, when Holger Nielsen designed and manufactured a foot-pedal garbage bin for his wife’s hair salon. Nielsen’s keen sense of aesthetics and quality were quickly recognized and requests for these eminently useful Bins began pouring in. Today, the company is run by his daughter, but little else has changed. Vipp still manufactures its pedal bins in Denmark and the materials are the same: stainless steel and rubber. “Good design never goes out of fashion,” said Nielsen and his Vipp Bins are no exception.
  • Each hand-assembled bin consists of up to 42 components. One craftsperson can create six bins per hour – ensuring quality that lasts.
  • A removable inner bin makes changing out the bags easy and a roll of biodegradable liners is included.
  • Additional biodegradable bin liners are also available (one box includes 16 rolls of 50 bags, for a total of 800).
  • In 2009, the original Vipp Trash Bin was acquired for the permanent collection at MoMA.
  • Materials : BINS: stainless steel; rubber. LINERS: biodegradable polyethylene.