Vintage Skeleton Keys

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Product: Vintage Skeleton Keys
Retailer: FrenchGypsy

4 Skeleton Keys Vintage French, twisted, bent, broken

Rustic, shabby and distressed, 4 authentic ancient cast iron French keys.

Each one has suffered by French hands.
One has half the top handle broken off, replaced with string.
Another the top has been crushed down towards the stem.
One is slightly bent and so twisted that each end do not line up.
The last one is just simply bent.

These skeleton keys look great hanging from twine as an ornament or added to your assemblage art works. How about using one as a unique chunky 'keyfob'?

There is a quaint and ancient French tradition of placing a cast iron key under your pillow to prevent nightmares.

All possess a charming naturally aged patina, and great agricultural decorative shape.

Longest: just over 5 inches, shortest: just over 3.5 inches