Vintage Industrial Work Station

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Product: Vintage Industrial Work Station

The Armory | Vintage Industrial Work Station

Based on the designs of old vintage industrial furniture, this vintage industrial utility cart is 100% American made. the Armory features reclaimed steel, salvaged local wood, and industrial grade cast-iron wheels. The tightly welded steel seams are left exposed to bring a raw, turn-of-the-century feel into each piece. the heavy-duty construction allows The Armory Industrial Work Station to be placed in the home, retail, office or garage work areas. Consider one of these retro industrial furniture pieces for a portable kitchen island, craft table, microwave cart, movable display, or printer station in a home office.

The heavy duty nature of The Armory makes this product suitable for multi-purpose roles throughout its lifetime. Our objective was to provide a functional vintage-industrial retail display for our professional interior designers however a large number of customers have reported that they purchased The Armory as a sturdy craft table – something resistant to small knocks and falls, reminiscent of its industrial-workplace roots.

Wheels: Cast Iron
Frame: Welded Steel
Top & Shelf: Reclaimed Merritt Island Hard Pine (Butcher Block)