Vincent Van Duysen Ceramic Containers

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Product: Vincent Van Duysen Ceramic Containers
Retailer: Beklina
Color: Black, Gray, White, Yellow

This combination of wood and earthware is stunning. -warm, minimal & organic. Use them to store what you like, from jewelry to cookies. Sure to be passed down to the next generation.

Vincent Van Duysen work is characterized by an interest in reinterpreting classical forms. His search for order and clarity produces designs which are both contemporary and innovative, but which have the force of perfect inevitability, setting off resonances that feel like memories: always new, but reminding us of things we have known.

Van Duysen’s collection of pots for “When Objects Work” is an exercise in restrained theme and variation. Powerful though each piece is in isolation, the collection is conceived as an entity: an evocation of the shelves of stacked vessels in a potter’s studio. Read as a series, the differences of scale and color create powerful rhythms and modulations expressed in the subtle but intense palette of a northern European sky.

Made in Belgium.

Available, in 4 colors. Orders take 2 weeks to ship. Available Colors: White, Black, Grey, Mustard

Aprox: 5 3/4″ diameter