Vessel Wall Light

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Product: Vessel Wall Light
Color: Black
Retailer: Ylighting

Design by Michelle Kaufman in partnership with FLUX.

First in the new series from MKD and Flux, VESSEL, is a vase-like fixture designed as an entry way light or wall sconce. The tall, slender, steel and glass form features a secure mounting base, finished in dark gray powder coat, that dramatically lights a large, durable, blown-glass vase from below. VESSEL not only casts light upward, illuminating the vase and its contents, but also downward, offering a great design solution for lighting house numbers or entry steps.

VESSEL is beautiful on its own, or filled with personal objects like colored glass marbles, polished stones, or dried flowers. Water brings life into the lit chamber of the vase. Add flowers, bamboo, or even goldfish (the fixture’s efficiency will keep the water from getting hot!).

VESSEL can be used in outdoor entry ways, provided they are undercover and will not come in direct contact with the elements.