Variopinte Spoon

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Product: Variopinte Spoon
Retailer: Made in Design
brand: Virages
Color: White

Variopinte is an Italian term denoting a single object which comes in many colors: Variopinte collection offers an array of bright colors, ideal for bringing the joy on your tables! The flatware, dishclothes, dinner plates, soup plates and bowls were designed to stack perfectly, forming a harmonious whole graph. Mix colors and create unique table decorations!

Variopinte collection includes flatware, dishclothes, a plate í˜ 24 cm, a plate í˜ 20 cm, a bowl í˜ 17 cm, a bowl í˜ 12 cm and a soup plate í˜ 22 cm. All parts of the collection are dishwasher-safe.

  • Colour : White
  • Material : Enamelled metal
  • Dimensions : H 18 cm
  • Characteristics : Dishwasher safe