Variopinte Enamelware Set

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Product: Variopinte Enamelware Set
Color: Gray, Green, Red
Retailer: Variopinte

This line of enamelled cutlery was designed to be used with the Variopinte enamelled dishes.

It is composed of a spoon, a fork and a tea spoon.

Fully white, each element of this cutlery line gets perfectly married to the whole colored range of plates and bowls.

The enamel recovers such a drop of milk all the bony parts of each piece to fluidify curves, for a contact with the mouth and the hands quite gently and in delicacy.

Produced by hand according to good engineering practices, these pieces are cooked twice at 800° C ; this process offers to them the best resistance and they can be washed in the dishwasher without suffering any damages.

It shall be noticed that the smart white label, hand stamped with Stéfania’s signature and attached to each piece with a sophisticated link in various colour, has been collected for re-use from daily distributed milk glass bottle’s lids.

Enamel on cutlery is non toxic and present numerous advantages as the preservation of the flavours. It can be washed in dishwasher.