Utility Pail

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Product: Utility Pail
Retailer: Doug Johnston
Designer: Doug Johnston

Utility Pail

The utility pail is highly useful around the house, garden, workshop, or around town. Its made from #7 100% cotton sash cord which is slightly thicker and stiffer than the standard #6 typically used. The rope is sewn together with a high-strength and abrasion-resistant thread. It has a shoulder strap with a denim pad to ease fatigue from heavy loads.

Each one is slightly unique in its exact shape, size and stitching, but all are approximately 11″ x 9″ diameter with a 26″ strap. Four thread color options are available, with the specified color on the bottom half of the bucket: navy, white, and red (the white is all white).

Each piece is made to order, please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.