Tubtrug Storage Bucket

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Product: Tubtrug Storage Bucket
Retailer: Amazon
Color: Black

Tubtrug Storage Bucket – 10.5 Gallon capacity

Tubtrugs are the original 2-handled tubs that are the most useful tool for thousands of jobs around the home and garden. A Tubtrug is great for carrying, mixing, pouring, scooping, plastering, storing, washing, gardening, pets – the list of uses for your Tubtrug is literally endless. Used by professionals the world over, Tubtrugs are fantastic for many heavy duty jobs and Tubtrugs are used by landscape gardeners, builders, plasterers, mechanics and fishermen the world over. Two extremely strong handles and flexible body make handling a Tubtrug much easier than any normal bucket or tub. Gardening just got a whole lot easier. Simply carry your Tubtrugs around from spot to spot, fold it flat to sweep leaves into, mix compost in it, dunk your hanging baskets in it, or keep your wine cool on the patio in it if you prefer (our favorite option). Hanging washing out couldn’t be easier, no more struggling with big clumsy washing baskets, simply grab both handles in one hand and your away.

Available in 10 colors.