Trook Brooms & Pans

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Product: Trook Brooms & Pans
Designer: Geoffrey Fisher

A lovingly crafted tool that lasts a long time makes feathering your nest a pleasure. Don’t you find Trook’s new hand-carved brooms and dust pans enchanting? Crafted from windfall wood, Trook dust brooms and dust pans are durable and rustic additions to your cleaning rack.

After the loss of a beloved lilac tree, Designer/Maker Geoffrey Fisher was inspired to come up with an idea to bring new life to the tree and the Trook was born. Handcrafted from tree trimmings and the occasional downed tree near Geoffrey’s Buckinghamshire studio.They bring a touch of wild beauty to a household implement. Each is unique thanks to individual growth of the tree from which it’s fabricated and the lichens and mosses on the bark.