Toolkit for Life

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Product: Toolkit for Life

A limited-edition box set of our best-selling How to series, edited by Alain de Botton. Includes all six of our self-help books:

How to Thrive in the Digital Age

Can we live well with technology? For the first time, Tom Chatfield examines what our ‘wired’ life is really doing to our minds, for better and for worse. Offering innovative and practical research, it teaches us how to prosper in a digital century – without losing our humanity.

How to Change the World

What difference can you make in the world? John-Paul Flintoff offers a powerful reminder that through the generations, society has been transformed by the actions of individuals who understood that if they didn’t like something, they could change it. This book will equip you with the courage to overcome inertia and indifference, and inspire you to take that difficult first step towards change.

How to Stay Sane

Everyone accepts the importance of physical health: isn't it just as important to aim for the mental equivalent? Psychotherapist Philippa Perry argues that there are four cornerstones to sanity you can influence to bring about change. This book is at once a brilliant explanation of our minds and a profoundly useful guide to facing up to the many challenges life throws our way.

How to Worry Less about Money

Can money make us happy? John Armstrong turns long established approaches to wealth upside down. Offering surprising and helpful new insights, this book will encourage you to redefine your feelings about money, and ultimately enable you to discover what is really important to you in life.

How to Find Fulfilling Work

Can you take your working life in new directions? Roman Krznaric sets out a practical and innovative guide to negotiating the labyrinth of choices, overcoming the fear of change, and finding a career that makes you thrive.

How to Think More about Sex

We don’t think too much about sex; we’re merely thinking about it in the wrong way. Alain de Botton frankly articulates the dilemmas of modern sexuality, offering insights and consolation to help us think more deeply and wisely about the sex we are, or aren’t, having.