Tom Dixon Offcut Stool Fluoro

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Product: Tom Dixon Offcut Stool Fluoro
Retailer: Lumens
Color: Orange
Designer: Tom Dixon
brand: Tom Dixon

Off-cut pieces of wood are rescued from the trash bin to form the Tom Dixon Offcut Stool. No metal hardware or glue is used, as the curved and otherwise irregular wood remnants are designed to fit together beautifully using wooden pegs. The natural version is made out of oak, while the bright orange fluoro finishes birch. Comes flat-packed and easy to assemble.

Tom Dixon has a vast commitment to design creativity and a mission to redefine how products are made and sold. The Tom Dixon lighting and furniture collections reflect all of his cutting-edge design and manufacturing innovations, from the product’s shape and form to the raw materials and production processes used.

The Tom Dixon Offcut Stool is available with the following:

  • Made from offcut pieces of wood
  • Peg and tenon contruction
  • Assembly required
  • Color: Fluoro, or Natural.