Tick Tuck Stool

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Product: Tick Tuck Stool

Stool having a function capable of adjusting the height steplessly. Familiar with, such as a backpack, to the stool a combination of tape and attachment. Legs oak wood. Since the bearing surface is a polyester, weather resistance is also excellent. The seat can also be washing Remove.

Minimum height about 25cm ~ up to about 40cm. The seat surface is set low to enjoy the bonfire approaching fire also good. The good even to the Ottoman other chair in the moderate. By increasing the talk in the table are also good. Closer structure to nearly flat when folded. folded size, about the same size and wing table width. About 3cm and longer.

The pile you can put away, such as the back to.

  • Size storage time: D37.5 W510 H4.5cm
  • Minimum height approximately 25cm seat depth 43cm maximum approximately 40cm seat depth 31cm
  • Load capacity is about assuming a 80kg.
  • Natural oil finish
  • The seat surface: Polyester Belt: Nylon
  • Leg: Nara
  • Hand Made In Asahikawa Hokkaido Japan.