Thonet Cane Seat Stool

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Product: Thonet Cane Seat Stool
Designer: Michael Thonet

In 1830, German cabinet maker Michael Thonet began experimenting with furniture made by bending wood that had been steamed into a soft and pliable state. Over the 20 years, Thonet and his sons developed the processes and machines that would allow them to build bentwood furniture in unprecedented quantities. It was in this time period that he developed what has become thought of as the “tradtional” Thonet bentwood chair: one featuring a back rest and back legs made from a single piece, a rounded cane or laminated seat, and front legs. The output of the Thonet and Sons factories was vast, due in part to his idea of designing separate pieces which would be combined to make a large number of models. Michael Thonet stands out as a designer and pioneer both in mass production and in design, as he artistically explored the new forms and unique qualities of his newly invented technique.

This Thonet Cane Seat Stool is available in three heights: 18″, 24″, and 29.5″; and and three finishes, natural beechwood, walnut, and black. (Also available with a wooden seat)

Materials: Stool with bentwood frame; handwoven cane seat.