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Product: This Is Camino
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This Is Camino Hardcover – October 13, 2015

Russell Moore  (Author), Allison Hopelain  (Author), Chris Colin  (Author)

A cookbook about the unique, fire-based cooking approach and ingredient-focused philosophy of Camino restaurant in Oakland, CA, with approximately 100 recipes.

Russ and Allison first opened the doors to Camino restaurant in Oakland, California, just as recession forced would-be diners home. Faced with a walk-in refrigerator full of uneaten food and an idling staff, they got industrious–canning, preserving, brining. This efficiency borne out of necessity soon became the driver of innovation for Camino’s cooking and the marker of a truly waste-free kitchen. But Camino is not all prudence and grandmotherly frugality. There’s the smoldering fire at the heart of the restaurant, which likely has a whole lamb leg dangling from a string, turning as it roasts perfectly, its fat seasoning a pot of fresh garbanzo beans underneath. Or, eggplants grilling for a smoky and complex ratatouille. Or, fresh fig leaves browning over the hot embers for a surprising and unforgettable grilled fig leaf ice cream. The pared down approach to ingredients at Camino opens up a world of layered flavors and ingenuity–sophisticated but direct, revelatory and, in its own way, revolutionary. This Is Camino is an extension of the brilliance of the restaurant, full of deep knowledge, good humor, and delicious food.

Russell Moore and Allison Hopelain are husband and wife and co-owners of Camino. Together they stand at the center of the Bay Area’s vibrant food scene. Russell cooked at Chez Panisse for twenty-one years. His recipes from Camino have been featured in the New York Times Magazine, the Art of Eating, and Food & Wine, and on the Cooking Channel and the Today show. Allison is general manager of Camino. They live in Richmond, California.

  • Hardcover: 272 pages
  • Publisher: Ten Speed Press (October 13, 2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1607747286
  • ISBN-13: 978-1607747284