The Wally Three by Woolly Pockets

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Product: The Wally Three by Woolly Pockets

The Wally Three by Woolly Pockets

Wallys are the best way to vertically garden on just about any type of wall or fence, indoors or out. Like building blocks, Wallys are easy to install and totally modular and love to hang out in any combination, alone or with friends. Wallys love a good party, and they'll even keep things quieter by absorbing sound when their Pockets are full.

Lined Wallys have built-in moisture protection which helps protect floors and walls from getting wet. Unlined Wallys are available for exposed outdoor gardening when maximum drainage is desired.

Woolly Pockets are handmade in the U.S.A. from recycled plastic bottles.

Wally Pocket Three is $91 for the unlined and $125 for the lined