The Utility Collective Mix Boxes

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Product: The Utility Collective Mix Boxes
Retailer: Horne
Color: Natural

The Mix Boxes return a lo-fi interactivity to a world made busy by complex devices and objects. The set includes six well-crafted boxes of varying size that allow you to create compositions based on your unique design and storage needs.

The Mix Boxes allow for spontaneity and change. The set encourages interaction and allows your own personality into the product. Life is fluid: When circumstances change, The Mix Boxes can change with them.

Direct from our factory to your door, each Mix Box set is numbered and made for your customer. Our products are not mass-produced on an assembly line in some far away place, then shipped across an ocean. Instead, The Utility Collective products are conceived, made, and delivered all from within the U.S.

Material: Birch veneer constructed with super strong box joint.