The Modern Smoke Detector

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Product: The Modern Smoke Detector
Color: White

Intended for residential and hospitality markets, the Modern Smoke Detector uses an innovative and patented design to lay recessed and nearly flush-mounted into the gypsum board of a wall or ceiling and blend seamlessly into the landscape of a room. It is intended to be hard-wired with 9V battery-backup or 9V battery only into a custom junction box provided by Architectural Devices. The detectors can also be interconnected into an overall life safety system via an optional relay.

Keeping in mind our mission statement to incorporate sustainable technologies, our smoke detector will use a photoelectric sensor instead of the older and cheaper detection technology, the ionization chamber, which contains trace amounts of radioactive material. Additionally, all plastics used will be environmentally friendly. The junction box will be made of recycled metal and the circuit board is assembled with lead-free solder.

The Modern Smoke Detector will be undergoing regulatory testing shortly. We also have plans for further regulatory testing and distribution in Europe, Canada, Asia and Australia in the near future.