The Mini Mono Paper Garland

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Product: The Mini Mono Paper Garland
Retailer: Maisy and Alice

The Mini Mono Paper Garland Black White 9 – 15 Feet Choose Your Length

I have been asked for a monochrome garland so many times I thought I had better come up with something and this garland satisfies my own selfish penchant for both black and white and half moons!
Each little sphere is created from 2 layers of premium card stock, one white, one black which I have punched in to 1″ circles. You can either fold back the black circle to create a half moon effect or, fold back both circles to create a sphere Drape it, gather it, wrap with it, use it to adorn a mirror, mantle or bedpost. A perfect party piece! I have got a bit of a monochrome ‘thing’ going on in my new kitchen so I’m hanging on to one of these for myself! And, let me tell you, no one is allowed to use my new cutting board from Kerry Layton at Seventytree!

This garland starts at 9′, going up to 15 feet, you choose, it has white hemp twine ties at each end and will arrive flat for mailing purposes but what fun you will have, opening up those little spheres!

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: card, cotton, twine