The Cat’s Trapeze (2 pillow) WHITE

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Product: The Cat’s Trapeze (2 pillow) WHITE
Color: White

The Cat’s Trapeze is made of sturdy cotton fabric. Inner pillows are sold separately as accessories in our catalog. The trapeze can also be stuffed with your own throw pillows (such as the Gosa Slan pillows from IKEA, or something similar), or you can use old towels, recycled clothes or crumpled newspapers placed inside a pillowcase.

The Cat’s Trapeze comes with a bonus cotton hammock that attaches under the bottom pillow, creating an extra napping spot. The trapeze also includes a small piece of sisal rope that is used to bind the trapeze straps together and attach to mounting hardware.(Mounting hardware not included.)

The larger bottom cushion measures approximately 24 inches in diameter and the upper cushion measures approximately 20 inches. The overall height of the 2-pillow trapeze is approximately 3.5 feet, not including the hammock.