Tetu Cast Iron Kettle

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Product: Tetu Cast Iron Kettle
Color: Black
Designer: Makoto Koizumi
Retailer: Nalata Nalata
brand: Tetu

I am a cast iron kettle. I have a pretty steady demeanor. My take on life is to just go with the flow and never let anything boil over me. No matter how hot things get.

  • Made in Japan
  • Good Design Award Winner
  • Made from Nambu Cast Iron in the Iwate Prefecture
  • Walnut wood knob for lid handle
  • Cast Iron handle folds down for easy storage
  • Smooth but pebbly surface texture
  • Maker: Tetu
  • Designer: Makoto Koizumi
  • Dimensions: 6.5″ (w) x 6.5″ (l) x 5.9″ (h) or  165mm (w) x 165mm (l) x 150mm (h)
  • Weight: 6.61 lbs or 3 kg
  • Volume: 1.0 L or 33.8 fl oz
  • Materials: Nambu Cast Iron