Terra Cotta Chalk Piggy Bank

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Product: Terra Cotta Chalk Piggy Bank

Terra Cotta Chalk Piggy Bank

ORDERS PLACED BEFORE DEC 14th will have an expected deliver date between DEC 20th-23rd

Our 4.0 series of original Chalk-it-to-Me Piggy Banks with terracotta clay. We love how the natural bright & peachy hue of terracotta compliments the piggies' complexion so well!

Constructed from smooth ceramic that allows it's body to be drawn on time and again. Draw your favorite pattern, label what you're saving for, let your friends play graffiti artist, or simply leave him clean and minimal. This piggy is ready to be your friend and help you save. He'll even lend you some of your own money in a pinch…what a pal?!

Each pig is hand numbered and one of 100 in the series.

As these are handmade in small batches, pigs ship within 10 days of purchase.

includes chalk and cloth wipe.