Teak Kubus Tables

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Product: Teak Kubus Tables
Retailer: Lekker Home

These hand crafted teak dining tables offer warm neutral tones, while the clean lines lend themselves to a contemporary feel. Made of solid teak using classical furniture making techniques, these tables are naturally durable and stain resistant.

Teak is a very durable wood with organic oils that naturally protect it. This is why teak has been used on the decks of ships and in high humidity climates for centuries. These handcrafted Teak tables do not need to be treated giving them a warm rustic feel. However, some people choose to apply Teak Oil which will allow the teak to breathe but also give it a rich caramel color and added protection. Teak Oil dissipates with time and can be reapplied as often as you like or not at all. It's entirely personal preference.

This product is made using sustainable and responsible wood and is FSC certified. Imported from Belgium.

Prices range from $1,600.00 to $2,700.00