Tat Soi Hand-printed Block Print

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Product: Tat Soi Hand-printed Block Print
Retailer: Drenculture
Designer: Rigel Stuhmiller

This delicious tat soi (also called Chinese Flat Black Cabbage or Spoon Mustard) is hand-carved into block and then hand-printed. Accented with my signature red chop. No two alike, your print may vary slightly from the example photograph.

  • Paper size measures 11″ x 14″
  • Image size approx 9″ x 12″
  • Hand-printed with a wooden spoon on fine cream-colored etching paper
  • Order includes tat soi only.
  • Due to increased demand, this print will ship 3-4 weeks from ordering.

This tat soi, like almost all the inspiration for my fruit and vegetable prints, come from the fresh-picked produce of the Chino Nojo farm in San Diego, CA.