Takayuki Grand Chef Wa-Gyuto

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Product: Takayuki Grand Chef Wa-Gyuto

Takayuki Grand Chef Wa-Gyuto

This Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef Inox Wa-Gyuto measures 240mm on the blade or about 9.5 inches. The Uddeholm company manufactures the steel used in the Grand Chef Knife series. Established in 1670 in the Munkfors district, Sweden, Uddeholm has a history of more than 1300 years. In the field of precision rolled steel products, the company leads the world. Since quality iron ore excavated from company mines contains an extremely low amount of phosphorus and sulfur, the special steel is reputed to be of the finest in the world. The Grand Chef Knife series products use the special Swedish steel manufactured by Uddeholm and offer exceptional sharpness and abrasion and corrosion resistance for many years of service.