Takashi Hiroshi Tsuboi’s Middle Colors Humidifier

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Product: Takashi Hiroshi Tsuboi’s Middle Colors Humidifier
Retailer: Gizmine

A must have this winter, the Middle Colors Humidifier series from Japanese designer Takashi Hiroshi Tsuboi combines convenience, comfort and style into one attractive package. The newly updated model features an aroma-therapy function– simply add your favorite scented oils and the humidifier automatically fills the room with a relaxing, comforting mist. It is available in two sizes and a range of colors to perfectly match your style and taste.


“W” (Small) Models: Cool mist provided by the ultrasonic humidifying element gives much needed moisture in dry, warm rooms during winter months.

“H” (Large) Models: Hybrid functionality provides either cold mist ultrasonic element, or warm mist via the built-in heating element depending on the ambient room temperature (cool mist when warm, warm mist for cooler environments).


Lift the spout easily and then remove the reservoir to fill with ordinary tap water. Requires only a basic rinse with tap water every 2-3 uses, and cleaning of the built-in filter (no separate filters required).


  • Small Model (MD-KW1002) – 23.4cm / 9.21in Height; 16cm / 6.29in Diameter
  • Large Model (MD-KH1001) – 30cm / 11.81in Height; 20cm / 7.87in Diameter
  • Long Model (MD-KW1004) – 28.8cm / 11.34in Height; 16cm / 6.30in Diameter

Small and Long models – 800mL; Large model – 1800mL