Swedese Spin Stools

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Product: Swedese Spin Stools
Retailer: Huset
Designer: Staffan Holm
brand: Swedese

The ‘Spin Stool’ by Swedish designer Staffan Holm for Swedish furniture brand Swedese was acknowledged with the ‘Furniture of the Year’ Award by Swedish magazine Sköna Hem in 2011. on show at the Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2012, the seating option’s low version, which sits at a height of 25.5″” (65 cm), is now offered in five bright colors: petrol blue, grey, yellow, pink and orange. When stacked, the design staggers the alignment of the seat’s legs, resulting in a very graphic look when multiple stools of different colors are placed on top of one another. The Spin Stackable Stools epitomise classic Swedish design of clean lines, impeccable form and functionality. Spin’s beauty is not only viewed when alone but also when stacked, the strategically placed legs interlock for a safe fit. Stacked high they transform into a sculptural masterpiece with the arched legs falling into a layered composition. When assembled with alternating colors, Spin comes into it’s own. Spin is made from ash wood with a choice of finishes. Unlike any other, Spin’s strength is its simplicity and uniquely shaped legs which emerge from the rounded seat. Its compact stacking system make it perfect for any environment and usage.

Choose between natural, white, black, pink, orange, blue, yellow or grey.