Superfolk’s Dillisk Print

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Product: Superfolk’s Dillisk Print
Designer: Superfolk

A beautiful lino-print depicting Dillisk or Palmaria palmanta, a red alga seaweed native to the north coasts of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. It is part of a series of prints by Superfolk depicting wild seasonal food that can be foraged along the west coast of Ireland.

Superfolk is an independent design studio based in Ireland. The studio’s heart is in the craft of production, be that hand made or industrial. Superfolk products are a tribute to Ireland’s heritage of vernacular object making, playfully referencing a way of life rooted in the land, its animals and its weather. They design and make objects imbued with a poetic optimism.

  • Japanese Ink printed on 130gr Vellum
  • 64 x 48cm