Sunoco First Aid Kit : Wall Mounted

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Product: Sunoco First Aid Kit : Wall Mounted
Retailer: Big Bang Zero

Sunoco First Aid Kit Wall Mounted Black Metal with Original Paint and Handle

This is a 1920’s era First Aid Kit with Sunoco Gas advertising on the front. It is made of black painted metal with gold “First Aid” and a gold diamond with an orange arrow that says “Sunoco.” It also says “Burroughs Wellcome Co Made in the USA New York.”

It measures 8 1/4″ X 7 1/2″ X 2 1/2″ and there are two hooks attached to the upper edge of the back for mounting on the wall. When hung, the inside of the lid functions as a tray or shelf when opened. There is also a hinged handle and a sturdy clasp on the top edge of the box.

Inside there are are seven shelves or compartments for storing medical supplies.

The condition is fair. The Sunoco painting on the front is very faded and there is a fair amount of rust and paint chipping. Use the zoom feature for closer inspection of chipping.

  • Vintage
  • 1920s