Stainless Steel & Beech Wood Cat Grooming Kit

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Product: Stainless Steel & Beech Wood Cat Grooming Kit

Coat and nail care for cats. Includes a pair of stainless steel nail scissors and beech wood and boar bristle brush for daily grooming. Specially designed booklet for safe storage. Made in Italy.

Household and personal care extends to your pets with this specially designed grooming kit. Brush your cat’s coat daily with the boar hair bristle and beech wood handle brush. The stiff bristles clean the fur, as well as help to distribute natural oils. As needed, trim your cat’s nails (and save your furniture from scratches) with the stainless steel nail scissors, specially formulated and shaped for feline paws.

  • Brush: 7 inches long x 1 ¼ inches wide
  • Clippers: 4 inches long x 2 ¼ inches wide
  • Materials : Stainless steel, Beech wood, Boar Hair