SSB-1 Bookcase – Natural Birch Ply

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Product: SSB-1 Bookcase – Natural Birch Ply
Retailer: BOOK/SHOP
Designer: Erik Heywood

The SSB-1
Erik Heywood for BOOK/SHOP

Inspired by the Bruno Matthson Book Crib, we introduce the Slotted System Bookcase. Whether used as a single shelf or in a seamless-looking row, these handsome hold-alls keep everything from small paperbacks to large art books and lps.

Made in California of natural birch ply, each unit is cut and trimmed by hand to ensure an exact fit, then matte clear-coated, edge-banded, and hand rubbed with a light finish of natural beeswax. The SSB-1 ships flat & slots together effortlessly to make a sturdy and beautiful table top bookcase.

17″W x 13″D x 10″H