Spun Chair

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Product: Spun Chair
Color: Gray, Purple, Red, White
Retailer: Herman Miller
brand: Magis

Designed by Thomas Heatherwick for Magis

Upright, the fascinating Spun Chair looks more like a sculptural vessel than a seat. But when it leans on its side, it forms a comfortable, functional chair that lets you rock side-to-side or spin around. Perfect for poolside or patio, family room or kids’ room. Available only in fun colors–bright red, dark purple, grey anthracite, and white.

The Spun Chair is just the kind of furniture you’d expect from one of the most innovative designers working today–Thomas Heatherwick. His aim, he says, is “to bring architecture, design, and sculpture together within a single practice.”

In the Spun Chair, Heatherwick artfully melds function with fancy. It’s equally enjoyable as both sculpture and seat. And because it’s made from rotational-molded plastic, you can sit, and spin, both outside and indoors.