Spencer Round Frost Soap Dish

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Product: Spencer Round Frost Soap Dish
Retailer: Nina Mair
brand: Nina Mair
Designer: Nina Mair

The soap dish is handmade in our studio, moulded from silicone. This unusual material gives mysterious depths to the delicate colours. The soft soap dish is washable, non-slip, break-resistant and sits perfectly on any surface. Spencer is available in two shapes and five different colours. Our studio is situated in a former soap factory where the aroma of soap is still in the air and this is what inspired us to create this design. The name Spencer comes from French and originally means dispenser.

  • dimensions: WxLxH=8x14x1,4 cm
  • material: silicone
  • weight: 125 g
  • available colours: frost, nude, magnolia, sky, mint