Spaghetti Chair

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Product: Spaghetti Chair
brand: Alias
Retailer: Context
  • Spaghetti Chair
  • Giandomenico Belotti
  • Alias, Italy
  • 1979

Giandomenico Belotti began his collaboration with Alias in 1979 resulting quickly in his seminal collection of Spaghetti seating that remains a visual icon of the 1970s Neo Rationalist/High Tech movement.  Tubular straps as seating support had been pioneered by René Herbst in the late 1920s with his iconic Sandow chairs – constructed of elasticized cotton cords that were affixed and tensioned within the frame itself.  With Spaghetti, Belotti availed himself of smaller diameter tubular PVC that he looped around the frame rather than tensioning the straps within it.  He was able to create the same “see thru” effect of the Sandow chair yet, coupled with the increased number of straps and a smaller distance between each, he also enabled a mesmerizing moiré effect in the vertical and horizontal planes of the chair.  In 1984, the Spaghetti Chair became part of the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York.

The Spaghetti Chair noted here features a chromed tubular steel frame with a choice of clear or white PVC tubular straps and is available as part of our Quick-Ship Program.  In addition to chromed steel, the chair frame is also available in a number of baked enamel finishes. The tubular PVC seating straps are also available in several different colors.