Small Corner Everything Spoons

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Product: Small Corner Everything Spoons
Retailer: Windy Chien
Designer: Windy Chien

Each hand carved spoon is unique and takes several hours to create. 

Use your spoon every day to cook, stir, and serve. The girls transition beautifully from stovetop to table. The small is my most often-used size. It works for everything.

The unique point shape is functional and fits perfectly in the corners of a pot and on the flat surface of a pan.

The handles are ergonomically designed to feel good in your hand (hence Fat Bottomed Girls).

Hand wash only. Each package includes a jar of handmade, organic spoon oil with care instructions and comes wrapped in a reusable, handpainted kitchen cloth.

  • Hand carved walnut, one of a kind
  • Functional point design for corners and flat surfaces
  • Curvy ergonomic handle for comfort
  • Size small is 1.5″ wide and various lengths
  • Includes pot of spoon oil and reusable cloth