Small Carte Blanche Table

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Product: Small Carte Blanche Table
Designer: Anna Danielsson
Retailer: Moss
Color: White

Carte Blanche table

Design year: 1999

Manufacturer: Bulo, Belgium

Materials: wood and white canvas

Ann Demeulemeester was born in Kortrijk in 1954. A year after obtaining her designer’s degree, Ann Demeulemeester won the “Gouden Spoel”, a prize awarded each year to the most promising young fashion designer. She made her debut on the international scene in 1986, with a show in London, together with the other five members of the so-called “Antwerp Six”.

Her tables for Bulo have the virginity of an unpainted canvas. In her words: “I wanted to return to the essential shape of a table, like a child would draw it…”

The table can be repainted to retain its pure white color.