SIWA Box – Small

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Product: SIWA Box – Small
Color: Black
Designer: Natao Fukasawa
Retailer: New People

Siwa: Box – Small (Black)

SIWA – Origami bags and bins made practical!

It’s paper! Soft Naori (polyolefin & wood pulp) is an innovative material that is not only resistant to tears, but water resistant too! It has a flexible and soft texture, almost like fabric. Roll it up and tuck it away, just like a tote bag.
Incredible! Hands down to the collaboration between international design award winner, Naoto Fukasawa, and Onao Co., LTD, famed manufacturer of contemporary Japanese washi paper products that has made a dream come true — Paper Bags for Everyday Wear.

The SIWA Collection: an array of durable, functional, green modern products made of the highest grade of shoingami paper, originally known for their traditional use of akari-shouji, “sliding doors.”

Siwa which translates to “wrinkled paper,” uses the company’s new “noaron” paper; it is made from wood pulp and polyolefin and it is soft, flexible, extremely strong, tear resistant and water resistant. A SIWA bag or box, for example, can support up to 22 pounds of weigh without ripping and it is multi-functional as a gift box, storage box, or everyday basket.