Simply Julia, Classic Denim Apron

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Product: Simply Julia, Classic Denim Apron
Retailer: Ambatalia
brand: Ambatalia
Color: Blue
Designer: Molly de Vries

Simply Julia, Classic Denim Apron

This apron is made out of Levi Strauss reclaimed denim. I am so excited to bring this to you. Studying Julia child's sensibilities and style have been an obsession for me. Never frilly, and totally practical. I listen to her cooking shows and interviews as I design and sew. Listening very closely to who she is as a woman and chef.

My sewing techniques are practiced by again studying old craft aprons from the shoe maker to the iron smith. I have collected them over the years and I copy how they are made. I love love love the history and function of them. This one has a white stitch. I also offer it with blue stitch.