Silverdust Dusty Miller Seeds

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Product: Silverdust Dusty Miller Seeds
Retailer: Amazon

Silverdust Dusty Miller Seeds – Senecio cineraria – .2 Grams – Approx 70 Gardening Seeds – Flower Garden Seed

Dusty Miller is a leafy foliage plant with white leaves. The plant grows to about 10″ tall with felt covered leaves. Best used for a border or accent to flowers or other ornamentals. Plant can flower with beautiful yellow blooms. Leaves have a shape resembling oak leaves. Plant can be poisonous if eaten. The Silverdust variety is a consistent and compact type with some of the most attractive leaves of any type.

  • Senecio cineraria
  • .2 Grams: Approx 70 Seeds
  • Germination Rate: 88% – Purity: 99% – Country of Origin: USA
  • Generic Seeds: The Same High Quality Seeds Made By Mother Nature… Just in Cheaper Packaging