Siberian Taiga Scandinavian Wall Stencil

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Product: Siberian Taiga Scandinavian Wall Stencil
Retailer: StenCilit

Siberian Taiga Scandinavian Wall Stencil, Decorative Tree Stencil for DIY project, Wallpaper look and easy Home Decor, Ethnic, Tribal style

Bring a fresh look in your home with Scandinavian stencils.

Scandinavian design is about simple forms and delicate colors, often also contrast colors of light and dark. Our interiors are most often bright, cozy and welcoming. The style is familiar and influencing. With our stencils you can get the Nordic look to your walls.

  • Design size 21.3″ x 37.4″ (54 cm x 94 cm)
  • Stencil size 24″ x 39.4″ (61cm x 100 cm)

Scandinavian design means quality by all means. We design our stencils hand in hand with the process of stenciling. It helps to create more functional stencils that are better to work with, when decorating the whole wall.

We appreciate the time. That’s why our stencils have been worked out as complete patterns on the stencil. Therefore you can achieve firm edges and complete look on the wall, without using extras. Also our stencils are larger which helps you to go through your project easier and faster.

  • Handmade
  • Material: durable mylar