Shinju Binchotan Bracelet

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Product: Shinju Binchotan Bracelet
Retailer: Merchant No. 4

Shinju Binchotan Bracelet

Shinju means jewelry in Japanese. The beads are made of the finest and purest Binchotan (white coal). The surface has a smooth finish and a precious shine. Up close, you can see the fine lines of the wood and small purifying pores.
Though simple in style, Shinju Binchotan has great natural effect. The Chi exerted from White Charcoal is positive, balancing both our bodies and minds. Wearing it close to the body protects us from the harmful electro-magnetic waves of our mobile phones, computers and other appliances in our modern society. Adjustable to fit most wrist sizes.

Designer: Sort of Coal
Material: White Charcoal