Screw Table

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Product: Screw Table
Designer: Tom Dixon
brand: Tom Dixon
Retailer: Ylighting
Design by Tom Dixon, 2008.
Inspired by the materials and processes employed during the Industrial Revolution, Tom Dixon’s Screw Table is made from a solid cast iron tripod base with a white marble top. The unique combination of materials creates a look that is both modern and elegant.
An industrial strength aluminum screw allows the table height to be adjusted by simply spinning the top. The table height is secured with a lock bolt. Available with a large or small top, the Screw Table is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Material(s):  marble, cast iron, aluminum
  • Small: 23.6″D X 21.6″ – 33.2″H
  • Large: 35.4″D X 21.6″ – 33.2″H
  • Models:  SCT02 SCT01 SCB01