Sauener Forestry Table

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Product: Sauener Forestry Table
Retailer: Buchholz Berlin

A dining table Robinia.

The wood of black locust is particularly expressive. It is multicolored and lively – the grain is a strong character, lighter and darker annual rings alternate and remember the way also Mediterranean olive wood.

The table is made of old black locust from the Sauener forestry. The beautiful and hard wood comes from sustainable forests and is FSC certified. The tabletop is made of planks that occur during sawing of the tree. The planks are not trimmed and the natural tree edge is maintained. The edges are contoured by hand. The result is a unique plate. The legs are handgedrechselt and run down conically towards. All surfaces are honed by hand and treated exclusively with pure olive oil.

All surfaces are honed by hand and treated with our finish.

The product images show examples of the characteristics of the model. Each table is characterized by its individual color scheme, which is also determined by the location, age and unique grain of the tree.

The delivery times are 4 to 6 weeks. Care instructions can be found here.