Sami Reindeer Skin Rug

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Product: Sami Reindeer Skin Rug
Color: Brown, Cream
Retailer: KIOSK

Reindeer are found and herded in the whole northern Polar Circle, Mongolia and a small portion of China closest to the Mongolian border. As would be expected, in the North their territory is at risk due to foresting, mining and oil production. Reindeer herding is largely still an indigenous enterprise today. The Sami community stretches across the north of Norway, across Sweden and into Finland and Russia. Reindeer herding is essential to their survival, approximately 40% of the population relies on herding for their income. The Sami have always used as much of the reindeer as possible: milk, hides, meat, horn, bone and hooves, very little of the animal is left for waste. The company we work with was established in 1929 and is located in the far north of Sweden, above the Artic Circle. They continue to be a family business today; they produce everything by hand in their workshop.