Reusable Organic Heavy Cotton Flannel #4 Coffee Filter

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Product: Reusable Organic Heavy Cotton Flannel #4 Coffee Filter
Retailer: Wheatberry
  • This is a pack of 2.
  • #4 Coffee filter for Dripping Coffee Machine.
  • Fits most 8-12 cup cone coffee makers.

Many coffee experts say that cloth filter are capable of brewing the best cups of coffee you’ll ever drink.

This Extra Dense Organic Cotton Heavy Flannel filter with extra fine seams will eliminate any papery taste and produce a cleaner cup thorough fine filtration.

This is made of 100% Organic Cotton Heavy(Extra Dense) Flannel and 100% organic cotton thread.

  • This Flannel is Unbleached and Undyed.
  • Bias-taped with Organic Cotton Light Flannel for preventing it from collapsing.
  • Boil new filters in fresh water before first use.
  • Handmade item
  • Materials: Organic Cotton Flannel, Organic Cotton Thread
  • Made to order